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JP-S63170934-A: Lsi test system patent, JP-S6317239-A: Production of crystallized glass with color pattern patent, JP-S63172420-A: Mounting structure of light source in photo-cvd apparatus patent, JP-S63172603-A: Saw body of saw for crosscut patent, JP-S63172614-A: Manufacture of molded part, particularly, cushion, from fluid reaction mixture forming at least two kind of foam material having different elasticity or hardness, particularly, polyurethane foam material, and usage of said method for manufacturing automobile seat cushion with side section frame patent, JP-S63172917-A: Vehicle position detector patent, JP-S63173166-A: Processing system for graphic data patent, JP-S63173318-A: Heat treatment of compound semiconductor patent, JP-S6317418-A: Focusing detecting device patent, JP-S63174359-A: Solid-state image sensing device patent, JP-S6317469-A: Image forming method patent, JP-S63174995-A: Antibiotic rko721 and production thereof patent, JP-S63175711-A: Method for measuring tube thickness patent, JP-S63177568-A: Manufacture of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S63177800-A: Method for purifying sugar solution patent, JP-S6317791-A: Lifting conveying method of panel patent, JP-S63177928-A: Punching device for forged part patent, JP-S63177966-A: Cutting and welding robot device patent, JP-S63178341-A: Program debugging system patent, JP-S63178493-A: Discharge lamp lighting system patent, JP-S63178711-A: Operation robot in wiring conduit patent, JP-S63179285-A: Nuclear fuel rod patent, JP-S63182505-A: Measuring method for rotary tool patent, JP-S63183348-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S63183350-A: Operation controller for air conditioner patent, JP-S63183415-A: Laser beam scanner patent, JP-S63183996-A: Vacuum ambient temperature fish oil extraction apparatus patent, JP-S63184028-A: Automatic control apparatus in hue selector patent, JP-S63184307-A: Stabilization of ferromagnetic metal powder patent, JP-S63184558-A: Anti-lock control method for vehicle patent, JP-S6318467-A: Automatic arrangement system for state transition diagram patent, JP-S63184738-A: Photosensitive material patent, JP-S63184747-A: Photosensitive coloring material patent, JP-S63186389-A: Transaction machine patent, JP-S6318674-A: Compound semiconductor device patent, JP-S63186899-A: Method for dissolving tin oxide patent, JP-S63187638-A: Connecting method for semiconductor chip patent, JP-S63188297-A: Goods sales data processor patent, JP-S63188788-A: Radiation detector patent, JP-S63189035-A: Carrier detecting circuit patent, JP-S63189620-A: Mechanical supercharger of engine patent, JP-S63189648-A: Speed control device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S63190361-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S63190682-A: Method and apparatus for continuous plasma treatment of precoated metal plate patent, JP-S63191395-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S63191622-A: Method for modifying uniformity of tire patent, JP-S63192040-A: Photosensitive resin composition patent, JP-S6319214-A: Production unit for annular polymerized molded form patent, JP-S63194855-A: Operation control circuit in casting machine patent, JP-S63195866-A: Reader for portable medium patent, JP-S6319776-A: Connection structure for superconductor patent, JP-S63198828-A: Manufacture of acoustic sensor patent, JP-S6319963-A: Optical printer device serving as copying machine patent, JP-S63200144-A: Photosensitive body for camera patent, JP-S63200185-A: Stand type display device patent, JP-S63200304-A: Recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S63200685-A: Reproducing device patent, JP-S63201630-A: Optical filter patent, JP-S63201842-A: Electronic control type equipment patent, JP-S63202483-A: Paper feeder of printer patent, JP-S63203554-A: Container for carrying patent, JP-S63203860-A: Needle cylinder apparatus in flocking sewing machine patent, JP-S63205183-A: Surface treatment of aluminum cap material patent, JP-S63205369-A: Production of magnetic carbon black patent, JP-S6320550-A: Film managing system patent, JP-S63206095-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S63207324-A: Grain silo patent, JP-S63208623-A: Balancer device for serial-type four-cylinder engine patent, JP-S63209829-A: Resistance weldable resin laminated steel plate and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S63209864-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S63210733-A: Method and device for measuring depth of snow coverage patent, JP-S63211994-A: Picture signal generating circuit patent, JP-S63212513-A: Vulcanizing mold patent, JP-S63214239-A: Method and apparatus for processing electric signal patent, JP-S63214240-A: Syringe needle having sensor function patent, JP-S63214254-A: Health control instrument patent, JP-S63214334-A: Novel surface active agent patent, JP-S63214436-A: Molded form, on surface of which conductive cloth-shaped article is fixed patent, JP-S63214707-A: Optical fiber cable for laser transmission using bimetal patent, JP-S63215135-A: Buffer table managing system patent, JP-S63216293-A: Multicolor light emitting el device patent, JP-S63216398-A: Manufacture of circuit board patent, JP-S63216993-A: Rugged plating method patent, JP-S63218373-A: Electro-printing device patent, JP-S63220668-A: Picture reader patent, JP-S6322077-A: Heterocyclic acetylsulfonamides patent, JP-S63221778-A: Timer recorder for video signal patent, JP-S63221883-A: Apparatus for clarifying laver processing water patent, JP-S63222545-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-S63222842-A: Method for changing mold in in-mold foam molding machine patent, JP-S63223430-A: High-frequency heating device patent, JP-S63223578-A: Temperature adjusting device for electronic components patent, JP-S63225166-A: Space scanning type inspection apparatus patent, JP-S63225375-A: Quinolizinone derivative patent, JP-S63225682-A: Method of adhesion patent, JP-S63226068-A: Serial-parallel converter patent, JP-S6322694-A: Compensating guiding and stepped opening device for door in vertical housing type cabinet for vertical drawing patent, JP-S63227069-A: Highly repetitive pulse laser electrode patent, JP-S63227808-A: Spinneret for extruding hollow fibers patent, JP-S63228110-A: Method for depositing thin film patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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